Zodia Custody launches service to protect users’ crypto from exchange insolvency

The new service, Interchange, will provide an alternative to the pre-funding and margin models of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Crypto asset provider Zodia Custody has launched a new service to help protect its clients from exchange insolvency. 

According to the company, its new service, Interchange, will provide an alternative to the pre-funding and margin models of exchanges. The service is set to allow users to keep their assets with Zodia Custody while mirroring holdings in exchanges, thereby protecting clients’ digital assets in the event that an exchange becomes insolvent. 

Based in London, Zodia Custody is backed by financial institutions Standard Chartered and Northern Trust.

Zodia Custody’s Interchange service is currently live and seeks to provide transparency and control to exchanges without handing over ownership of underlying assets. The technology provides instant access to exchange trading balances and automates post-trade settlement. Zodia Custody’s sister company, Zodia Markets, will also leverage this new service. 

Maxime de Guillebon, CEO of Zodia Custody, shared that the company’s principles “have always evolved around asset safety, segregation between custody and trading, and the effective management of counterparty risk.”

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The launch of this new service comes a month after investors and exchange users lost billions of dollars in the collapse of FTX. The downfall of FTX has had a domino effect on the crypto ecosystem, with other companies within the space being impacted. One of the largest crypto lenders in the industry, BlockFi, filed for bankruptcy due to its exposure to FTX.

Another big name in the crypto space, Genesis Trading, is also facing significant difficulty following the crash of FTX. The financial services provider has upward of $170 million of assets stuck on FTX, making operations virtually impossible.


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