Bitcoin Advocacy Group Illuminates ECB, Eurotower, Encouraging Adoption And Education

The "Bitman" collective advocated for Bitcoin adoption by illuminating the ECB building with the Bitcoin logo.

The "Bitman" collective, a group advocating for the adoption of Bitcoin, illuminated the Eurotower and the European Central Bank (ECB) building with the Bitcoin logo and the words “study bitcoin,” on the evening of March 29. 

The goal was to encourage people to inform themselves about Bitcoin and its advantages compared to fiat money. A spokesperson said in a message to Bitcoin Magazine that many institutions, including the ECB, deliberately discredit Bitcoin and knowingly misinform citizens to strengthen their own position. In light of this, it is especially essential to do research using one’s own tools.

The collective believes that Bitcoin has many advantages and that it is vital for people to educate themselves about its benefits. It is a decentralized currency that provides financial freedom to users and can be sent to anyone, anywhere, in the world without any restrictions or intermediaries.

According to a spokesperson, "We want to encourage people to form their own opinion about what we consider to be the best money in the world." The group hopes that illuminating the ECB building and the Eurotower will encourage people to explore Bitcoin's potential and its advantages over fiat money, citing “” as a source for information on Bitcoin that addresses common concerns.


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