AI systems used in deadly military operations in Israel: Report

The IDF has reportedly employed AI extensively and has increasingly implemented these systems in various units to establish itself as a global leader in autonomous weaponry.

As tensions rise in the occupied territories and with Iran, the Israel Defense Forces are reportedly utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) to choose targets for air strikes and manage logistics during wartime.

According to a Bloomberg report, officials in the Israeli military confirmed the use of an AI recommendation system by the military. This system reportedly analyzes vast amounts of data to assist in target selection for air strikes. Additionally, the Fire Factory, another AI model, reportedly swiftly assembles subsequent raids by calculating munition loads, prioritizing and assigning targets and proposing a schedule based on military-approved data.

AI finds widespread applications across major industries. One such application is automation, where AI technologies streamline repetitive tasks, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity. Additionally, AI algorithms enable data analysis on large scales, identifying patterns and delivering valuable insights crucial for informed decision-making.

Screenshot of the Fire Factory software. Source: Bloomberg

Despite human operators overseeing and approving individual targets and air raid plans, an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) official reportedly confirmed that the technology used in these systems lacks international or state-level regulation.

Supporters argue that advanced algorithms have the potential to outperform human capabilities and assist in minimizing casualties. However, critics caution against the potential hazards associated with an increasing reliance on autonomous systems, highlighting the potentially deadly consequences.

In the report, it states that the IDF has extensively employed AI and has increasingly implemented these systems in various units to establish itself as a global leader in autonomous weaponry. Israeli defense contractors have reportedly constructed some of these systems, while others, like the army-developed StarTrack border control cameras, utilize thousands of hours of footage to identify individuals and objects.

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Although specifics about the IDF's utilization of AI in operations are classified, military officials reportedly confirm that the IDF has acquired battlefield experience with these contentious systems during periodic escalations in the Gaza Strip. The region often witnesses Israeli air strikes as a response to rocket attacks.

Experts reportedly emphasize the potential to reduce civilian casualties through the integration of AI in battlefield systems. Simona R. Soare from the International Institute of Strategic Studies noted that correct usage of AI technologies can offer significant efficiency and effectiveness advantages, with the potential for achieving high precision when the technological parameters are properly functioning.

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