Game studios quietly integrate blockchain without the buzzword

Blockchain technology is facing backlash from players and gaming developers, forcing some studios to avoid "buzzwords" tied with Web3.

Cointelegraph was on the ground during the second edition of the Madeira Blockchain 2023, held between Nov. 30 and Dec. 1. The event featured regional Web3 developments, as well as how the Portuguese islands are looking for startups and tech talent to grow their economy in the digital age.

During a roundtable discussion at the conference, studios working on blockchain features discussed the challenges associated with integrating the technology into games, including acceptance from game developers, players and publishers.

Redcatpig is a Web3 studio engaged in developing blockchain features, but the firm ran into obstacles integrating the technology into its pipeline. "One of the toughest challenges I faced was communicating with my internal team to help them understand that this [blockchain] technology can greatly benefit gamers and enhance games," noted Marco Bettencourt, CEO of Redcatpig.

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