Generation Bitcoin to Unite Student Groups in Worldwide Network

At Bitcoin Atlantis, non-profit organization Generation Bitcoin announced the launch of the Bitcoin Students Network (BSN), an initiative aimed at empowering students to learn about and contribute to the Bitcoin space. BSN, presented by Generation Bitcoin, operates as a one-stop platform providing logistical, educational, and financial resources to students interested in Bitcoin.

BSN's primary goal is to connect students globally, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange among young individuals passionate about Bitcoin. The network facilitates the creation and scaling of student clubs dedicated to Bitcoin, offering support and financial assistance to affiliated clubs.

"The word 'network' is mentioned 21 times in the bitcoin whitepaper," said Ella Hough, Co-founder and Project Lead at Generation Bitcoin. "Satoshi was too purposeful for this amount to be a coincidence. We founded the Bitcoin Students Network to empower students with knowledge and networking opportunities and encourage them to join the conversation that needs them in it. BSN aims to remove barriers to creating student Bitcoiner communities and strengthen Bitcoin’s Layer 0, the social/human layer." 

BSN aims to act as a bridge between students and the broader Bitcoin industry, facilitating communication and collaboration between educational institutions and industry players. By providing access to resources, job opportunities, and mentorship, BSN aims to strengthen the social fabric of Bitcoin's human layer, known as Layer 0.

The network operates on core values such as freedom through knowledge, open-source principles, proof of work, and first principles thinking. These values underpin BSN's distributed yet organized structure, with a founding team, industry board of advisors, and student board of advisors guiding its operations.

For students, BSN offers a plethora of opportunities, including starting or growing university Bitcoin clubs, accessing educational and job opportunities, and connecting with like-minded individuals in the Bitcoin community.

"A key part of my journey has been educating the next generation about Bitcoin," stated Generation Bitcoin Growth Lead and Co-founder Arsh Molu. "The Bitcoin Students Network aims to provide support for university clubs as well as equip students with resources, knowledge, and job opportunities worldwide."

Industry players are also encouraged to participate by organizing events, providing financial support, donating resources, offering mentorship, and sharing internship and job opportunities.


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