Stratum Reference Implementation Launches SRI 1.0.0 To Enhance Bitcoin Mining

The Stratum Reference Implementation (SRI) team has unveiled SRI 1.0.0, a new milestone in their journey to decentralize and optimize bitcoin mining, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine. This latest release is now available for immediate testing and seamless integration.

Some key highlights of SRI 1.0.0 include:

  • Miners can connect to SV2 pools without upgrading existing SV1 firmware through Translation Proxy or directly using an SV2 firmware device like BraiinsOS.
  • Miners have the flexibility to run their bitcoin nodes, construct templates, and declare them to the SV2 Pool.
  • The implementation of pool fallback functionality ensures continuity in mining activities even if a pool decides to censor transactions, thereby incentivizing pools to prioritize miners' interests.

This new version is the culmination of enhancements in the Stratum V2 specification achieved through collaboration within the working group and rigorous testing with the interoperability suite to ensure seamless compatibility between implementations of the Stratum V2 protocol.

The release allows miners using SV1 or SV2 firmware to connect directly to an SV2 Pool or through a translation proxy. Miners can construct their block templates using a locally hosted Job Declaration Client and a patched version of Bitcoin Core Node, enabling them to send their templates to the Job Declarator Server operated by the SV2 Pool. Importantly, this update also allows independent third parties to run the node and JDC, expanding operational capabilities.

The newly implemented pool fallback feature ensures miners maintain mining activity by automatically switching to alternative pools in the event a pool rejects their templates. This mechanism serves as a strong incentive for pools to act in the miners' best interests, ensuring miners' hash power remains secure and competitive.

SRI's user-friendly pool setup and upcoming enhancements make it an attractive option for miners and pools seeking streamlined mining experiences. The project says it welcomes contributions and support from individuals and corporate entities interested in providing grants to help accelerate the development, research, and innovation in bitcoin mining technology.


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